Trap Shooting Male Figure, Rosewood Base

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Trap Shooting Male Figure, Rosewood Base

Height: 160mm


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Shooting is divided into several categories. Rifle shooting can be small bore, big bore and air rifle. These are determined by the type of rifle used. The competitor who records the highest score with his total of shots wins the competition. Rapid fire pistol shooting is sometimes referred to as silhouette shooting because of the shape of the targets. Competitors fire a total of 60 shots at five targets from a distance of 25m. These shots are fired in groups of five, each at different targets that turn simultaneously from a side on to a face on position and are exposed for a few seconds Clay pigeon shooting includes three types of competition, Olympic trench, down the line and skeet. In all types, competitors with shotguns aim at saucer-shaped clay targets released from traps around the range. The targets’ paths resemble the flight of game birds at take-off. The positions of shooting stations and traps vary with the type of competition.