Music Figure on Music Figure, Black Base

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Music Figure on Music Figure, Black Base

Height: 250mm

If engraving is required please email [email protected] with details including Logos or crests to obtain an accurate quote.

Figures, buttons & emblems on the trophies can be changed for most sports.

Special price consideration is given to large quantities.

Other styles and colours of trophies and awards are available in our showroom

Music is an art form whose medium is sound. Music itself breaks down all barriers. It is an important part of life for many people in cultures all over the world. Music trophies, awards and medals whether depicting a music note or a musical instrument represent a reward for playing an instrument well or singing a song in perfect pitch.


Many songs emphasise love and social issues. Orchestras can play music which in fact lifts the feeling of the soul and can give the listener a sense of well being. One thing is factual, music plays an important part in all our lives.