Dartington Crystal Hoggit Decanter

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Dartington Crystal Hoggit Decanter

Capacity: 750mL

The design of this very special crystal glass decanter has been driven by tradition. The decanter has a rounded base and is seated in a detachable wooden cradle. This ensures that the decanter is not 'hogged' as it's passed around the table.

This is a very special crystal glass decanter, the design of which has been driven by tradition. When port is passed around the table at the end of a meal, it's traditional that the decanter should not come to rest until it returns to the host. The rounded base of this glass decanter ensures that the port cannot be put down and remains active as it's passed around the table.

Of course, this decanter can be used for more than port. it's a fantastic way to extract a little extra flavour from any after dinner drink.


A decanter label can engraving with your logo and message.

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